Eclipse Thermal Tattoo Stencil Machine

Eclipse Thermal Tattoo Stencil Machine
Eclipse Thermal Tattoo Stencil Machine Eclipse Thermal Tattoo Stencil Machine Eclipse Thermal Tattoo Stencil Machine Eclipse Thermal Tattoo Stencil Machine
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ECLIPSE Series 2 thermal copier machine
The Eclipse Works just like, but better then the old 3M Stencil Machines.

The Eclipse™ allows you to adjust the Darkness of your stencil outline, and Works best with ATSUI Brand Transfer Paper, Also works with Spirit Master Paper. The Eclipse is and Old School" type machine, and runs on belts and bulbs. This stencil machines Dimensions are : 4" x 17.75" x 7.75"-
  and the Weight is 18 lbs.

The Eclipse was designed after the old 3M Secretary machines, and uses belts and bulbs, just like the old 3m machines. This stencil machine delivers quality, clean stencils, every time. The Eclipse A4 is the only available stencil machine, on the market today, that delivers, good old fashioned quality, like the powerful and classy  3m machine.


These are fragile items. The manufacturers of the Eclipse will not ship these to the general public due to this, and can only be picked up at their office in California, and now in Tacoma, also... As in agreement with TCM Tattoo Supply, they can be shipped to our outlet, here in Tacoma, where our technical staff will inspect them, to make sure that they are not damaged in transit, and are in perfect working condition. Our sales staff will also want to take you, step by step on the use of this machine, as 90% of the problems are user error.   Replacement bulbs and Belts will be available on site, also, with a staff that can switch these out when needed.   Shipping is from California to Tacoma, so the machine is ready for pickup 3-5 days after ordering. (Sometimes sooner). Please watch the instructional videos below.

To pre-order the Eclipse contact Mark or Gene at

Skin City Tattoo Supply

1148 72nd St E, Tacoma, WA 98404


(253) 732-7680


Eclipse™ Series 2 A4: 8.5" (W) x Unlimited (H)
-Dimensions: 4" x 17.75" x 7.75"-
-Weight: 18 lbs-
A3 Size Now Available (White). This machine is a little larger, and white, as shown in the picture below. The larger unit costs $999

Eclipse™ Series 2 A3: 11" (W) x Unlimited (H)
-Dimensions: 4" x 20.25" x 10.75"-
-Weight: 19 lbs-

1 Year Limited Warranty, when you fill out the Registration form. Option to purchase additional 1-3 year extended warranty.

Warning: Due to fragility of item, shipping is non-refundable for this item. No exceptions.

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